Ali Perez – ADHD & Focus Coaching

Are you facing a choice or challenge that you aren’t quite sure how to tackle? Do you have a wild dream of success and want support to achieve it? Are you in the midst of a challenge and need reinforcement as you navigate your way through it?

Coach Ali helps ADHD-gifted and focus-seeking people discover strategies to enjoy a focused, meaningful, and magical life. You deserve and can enjoy support on a regular basis as you navigate a narrow neurotypical world with your dynamic and expansive approach.

Coach Ali supports individuals, professionals, and leaders to crystalize the Why? and How? of personal and professional decision making to amplify the meaning and success of each opportunity. We meet on a regular basis, determined by you, to reflect on the challenges, promise, and potential in your life and career. I listen and reflect your vision back to you. I help you flesh it out with open-ended questions. You design and own your plan and your success.

In coaching, YOU are the star of the show.

There is absolutely no secret to coaching. You have the power, potential, and vision for success within you. Coaching helps you identify, embrace, and engage with your vision, your capacity, and your energy.

You set your agenda, values, and measures for success.

I provide high level feedback, questions, and consultation at your request.

We create a space where you are free to speak your hopes, challenges, and ideas and deep dive on attention issues on an on going basis. Unlike therapy, you don’t have a problem to solve but you do get support and positive psychology to support your big plans. I am your coach and there for you as you decide – be it listener, reflector, questioner, advisor, idea generator, and always your champion and confidant.

If you want clarity on your journey and assistance moving forward with a creative, and thoughtful process, Coach Ali can support you to making your next moment meaningful.

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