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About Using a Life Strategist

If you feel stuck or challenged in identifying the next step… If you feel accomplished and excited about what’s next…

…Meet with a professional coach. Coaching is a client-led, coach-supported process for self-discovery and activation. Book an hour session. Bring a challenge of any shape or size that you are confronting in your life and enjoy a powerful, supportive strategy session focused completely on you, your thoughts, and your plan. You will leave feeling powerful and full of potential.

Coaching is akin to a work-out with a trainer or booking a spa day for your mind. Work out the kinks, sweat out the stress, and emerge refreshed and clearheaded to pursue your plan, be it personal, professional or existential. When you don’t need or want a diagnosis, you just want help thinking clearly about anything from who am I? to what do I want? to how do I get this? coaching is perfect support. You bring that issue on your mind – The coach will listen, inquire, reflect what you are saying back to you, and slowly but surely it becomes clear. That’s all there is to a coaching session.

If you are thinking about your next challenge and want extra brainpower without any extra opinions or bias or the agenda of someone invested in your life, invest in your own process and use a coach to hear yourself and see your real world path forward according to your own inner vision.

In coaching, YOU are the star of the show.

The only secret to coaching is that there is absolutely no secret. You have the magic, power, and potential within you. Coaching is not a need – it is a choice you make to push yourself into your own power. A coach should help you identify, embrace, and engage with your vision, your capacity, and your energy. You are investing in your dreams. The coach should only be selling you to you!

You will own your process just as you will own your success.

If you want clarity on your journey and assistance moving forward with a creative, and thoughtful process, I can help you as your coach.

Coaching is just one tool in your box.

If you feel like you might be stuck in depression or anxiety or any condition that might require therapy or medical treatment, you should simultaneously seek professional mental health care. You can still use a Coach but only a therapist or doctor is qualified and trained to treat and help you cope with your underlying conditions.

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