Alicia Perez | ADHD & Focus Coaching

Are you facing a new or unexpected challenge, entertaining a wild dream of success, or ruminating over a roadblock you cannot quite navigate? Would you benefit from support as you figure it out? 

I am Alicia Perez, ADHD busybody, mother, wife, mid-lifer, ex-lawyer, certified coach, and passionate advocate for the neurodivergent and ADHD-gifted people.

I want to help you to jump up out of that rut and ride out on your next wave of productivity and joy.

How does this work? Hire me. Sign up online for coaching sessions on your schedule, according to your need for it, and set the agenda that makes sense to you.

In coaching, you are the star of the show. You talk. I listen and help you clarify your thoughts, issues, and measures for success. You show me the rut and I can offer ladders, ramps, explosives, and any other tools out of my Magic Carpet Bag that sound like they might help you get yourself out and back onto your path.

I do not offer a special, trademarked, five steps to success plan because, well, there is no such thing. The only plan that will work for you is the one that you design. Here, you will hone and honor your own method for and definition of success.

As your coach, I am your consultant. I am there for you in the way you decide you need me to be – be it listener, reflector, questioner, advisor, or idea generator. And always, I serve as your champion and confidant.

We can explore:

  • What methods, structures, and strategies are best for you to succeed at this big goal or just your day-to-day (when your goals are varied and possibly ever-changing)?
  • What basics will help you enjoy a focused, meaningful, and magical life?
  • What is it about a specific issue or challenge that got you stuck and/or spiraling?
  • Dream Work-Life Planning
  • Strengths-Based Strategies for success

Unlike therapy, you don’t have to have a problem to solve, though you can. You get positive psychology and problem-solving strategies to support your big plans or just decide the next best step for you. You can have a safe space to talk about what it is like to survive and thrive nuerodivergently in a neurotypical society. I’m here for it.

I coach and consult because we all deserve support as we navigate a narrow, neurotypical world with our dynamic and expansive approaches.

You are a brilliant ball of possibility shooting through this one beautiful sky of life.

Do not burn out. ‘Rage, rage against the dying of the light.’

As much energy as you give off you also deserve to, and indeed must,

oh, you must

reinvest in maintaining that

fine shine,

that ephemeral glow,

your effervecent go.

It may be true.

Oh let’s be honest,it’s true.

You are a lot.

But/and, everyone should be so lucky

to enjoy that – not least of all,


– Alicia Perez

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