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About Using a Life Strategist

If you feel stuck or challenged in identifying the next step…

If you feel open and accomplished and excited about what’s next…

As a Certified Professional Coach, I work with clients to unlock and unleash powerful and personalized action plans. Coaching is a client-led, coach-supported process for self-discovery and activation.

A coach should help you identify, embrace, and engage with your vision, your capacity, and your energy. You already have everything you need within you to succeed whether it feels like you do or not – A coach should help bring it all out, and support getting it organized, and getting you activated.

Warning: Coaches aren’t bossy and they aren’t experts in your life to drop bombs of info or advice on you. Shock Jock TV life coaches could be fun to watch but do not embody the values of the International Coaching Federation – the body that sets the standards for our profession. TV “coaches” whip people into a fervor with a sensational lack of boundaries and instead use the vulnerability of others to shine the spotlight back on themselves. These aren’t exactly coaches though they sure are something!

Here, YOU are the star of the show.

A Professional Coach is a partner in your process, more akin to an executive assistant or a superhero’s sidekick. I accompany you on your mission on your terms and your timeline. I can consult with a tool or strategy but only as needed and only at your request.

You will own your process just as you will own your success.

By the end, you will want and feel you merit all of the attention and recognition of your success – That is the expectation you should have of working with a life and leadership coach.

If you want clarity on your journey and assistance moving forward with a creative, and thoughtful process, I can help you unlock your vision and potential.

If you feel like you might be stuck in depression or anxiety or any condition that might require therapy or medical treatment, you should seek a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, or medical help.

You can have anxiety and depression and still use a Coach but only a therapist or doctor is qualified and trained to treat and help you cope with your underlying conditions. Come as you are and I will support you in getting to where you want to be.

Products and Services

Intro –

Try a 30-minute session to learn about the coaching relationship, discuss your goals and discover if coaching with Ali would be a good fit.

Life Strategy Package –

Sign up for a single Assessment/Activation Session or invest in a flexible coaching package with 5 sessions designed to unlock your vision, gain clarity on your why, design-focused action items, and progress on your journey.

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