Ali Perez – ADHD & Focus Coaching

Are you facing a choice or challenge that you aren’t quite sure how to tackle? Do you have a wild dream of success and want support to achieve it? Are you in the midst of a challenge and need reinforcement as you navigate your way through it?

Coach Ali helps ADHD-gifted and focus-seeking people discover strategies to enjoy a focused, meaningful, and magical life. You deserve and can enjoy support on a regular basis as you navigate a narrow neurotypical world with your dynamic and expansive approach.

In coaching, YOU are the star of the show.

You set your agenda, values, and measures for success.

I provide high level feedback, questions, and consultation at your request.

We create a space where you are free to speak your hopes, challenges, and ideas and deep dive on attention issues on an ongoing basis. Unlike therapy, you don’t have a problem to solve but you do get support and positive psychology to support your big plans. I am your coach and there for you as you decide – be it listener, reflector, questioner, advisor, idea generator, and always your champion and confidant.

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