What is a Life Strategist?

Sometimes you hear the term “Life Coach” thrown around and some of those coaches make up their very own fancy and confusing terms.

Let me tell you what I think this is: When life is going fine and you don’t need a therapist or a psychiatrist or a lawyer but you do want to talk to someone about your life and path forward – THAT PERSON – That person could be a life strategist. I use the term “strategist” because I am not here to teach you about life or coach you from the sidelines – I am here to help you connect with your own dreams, your own concerns, and use your strengths to move you from the place or feeling you are now, to the places and feelings in which you want to be. You are going to do the hard work and I am going to help you decide what and how.

I don’t teach you things you don’t know – I show you what you do know and help you capitalize on your strengths to find yourself in the right spot.

Who Am I?

My name is Ali Perez. I am an attorney who is studying to be a therapist. I want to give advice to people because all of my top strengths are in strategy. I love connecting with people, hearing their stories, and then connecting them with strategies and tactics to get to the place they’d like to be but just can’t yet seem to reach.

You will not see my face on every other insta post or facebook post because this is not about me. This is about you, through and through. However, so you know who I am, which is important, here you go:

I’m middle aged, married with a family. I have been an attorney for 12 years but never really wanted that path. It took me a while to find my sense of self, the right boundaries that suit my personality and my goals, and to redirect myself on a career path that fits me. For me, that’s a path in counseling and I am going back to school for a Masters of Arts in Professional Counseling. While I am studying how to deal with life when things go wrong, like psychology can support, I want to also help regular people reach their dreams while things are going right. That is why I am a life coach. I love helping people make connections that put them on the path they are seeking.

Like a good lawyer, I have to explain that there is no license for a life coach. The service is not therapy and it is not legal advice. Coaching is a resource for people who are generally fine but want dedicated, personalized service from a person skilled in coaching to help them move forward in some area of their life.

You can try to get advice from a friend or family member but too often their attention is divided and their advice biased. Maybe you have the next new idea that you want to explore with help but aren’t ready to surprise your family with something new. Maybe you aren’t quite satisfied with those relationships and just want a little help figuring out why and how to transform them. Maybe you don’t yet know why you are even reading this far and what you exactly want – That’s ok! A life strategist can help you with that. I would love to try.

I am not flashy, I am not pretentious. I am an open book and can share as needed about my own experience. I promise you though that I will make this about you, and your journey. Let’s focus on you, your strengths, and the next steps in your journey.

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