It’s time.

It’s time to stop feeling bad about who we aren’t and embrace who we are.

We have spent a lifetime hitting our head against the wall because we can’t fit into the neurotypical demands of mainstream society.

How much energy do you spend each day feeling bad? Feeling bad about what you can’t do on time, enough of, well enough?

What if you let that go?

What would it feel like to embrace what you can do? To restructure your expectations to measure success for yourself?

Coaching for ADHD is a place to embrace the positives, the ideals, and the strategies that work for you and shed everything else.

In coaching you can examine your goals, set new ones, change your methods, and give yourself permission to enjoy the parts of yourself society has labeled as negative. What if you enjoyed the time you spent not doing what you’re “supposed” to be doing? What if you only ever had to do what you wanted to do? How can you make your life the one you want and not the one you felt you were supposed to have but somehow haven’t achieved?

You can set yourself free. Shed what you are not. Understand who you are. Celebrate it and motivate it. There is an easier way, and isn’t that what you wanted?