Ali Perez

Certified Professional Coach

I was a full-time attorney for 13 years. I got burnt out by a system that changed only on a whim and not with hard work and dedication. I realized I most enjoyed connecting with people and using my attorney skills for passion and planning. I started a Master’s program in Professional Counseling and took a year of classes on the theory and practice of psychology before I quit. The field of counseling is the wild west of opinions and qualifications not unlike the critiques that land on the field of coaching. In Texas, for example, a person who has no qualifications can call themselves a psychologist without getting into trouble.

Whether I got a PhD or not, I would be the same person subject to the same strengths and flaws. And, since I could see how even a Psychiatrist could miss the basics of a person I decided to opt out of this system.

I wanted to cut through the noise.

I simply sought a place where I could rely on the best evidence-based research on success and happiness from the best researchers and use it to support people interested in moving themselves forward, from the point where therapy needs end and strategy and planning for personal success begins. I discovered that I could find this in coaching. I came alive with coaching. Now I want to support others in finding that feeling of coming alive – in work, in personal life, in a holistic version of self.

My passion is in potential. Yours. Mine. Ours.

I provide the following services:

  • Coaching for Individuals – For Self or Professional Development
  • Coaching and Consulting for Leaders, Organizations, and Teams
  • Pro Bono List – I maintain a list of clients who would like coaching but cannot access support financially.
  • Strategy and Tool Consulting and Curating for Individuals or Business
  • Personality Assessment Review and Strategy Sessions
  • Accountability groups for goal-focused professionals who want to join a coaching/consulting crew for support.