Ali Perez

Certified Professional Coach

After 13 years as an attorney that followed three years of law school, and, before that, two years as an NGO Liaison for a non-profit doing advocacy at the United Nations, I finally admitted that my heart is not in the practice of law. With great joy and new vigor, I have pivoted to focus on my passion for listening, reflecting, and strategizing as a Coach. It takes all my strengths and finally concentrates them into one area I am wholly passionate about – the journey of the self, personally, and as leaders in our communities.

I have been trained in the law including human rights and ethics. In my law practice, I served immigrants and asylum seekers. In my spare time I signed up for trainings on peace and conflict transformation, racial justice and equality, and mediation. I took one year of classes in a Masters in Professional Counseling program the history and theories of modern counseling and cross-cultural counseling before I understood that therapy, so far as it is a process of digging up the past and processing that, is not my passion.

My passion is in potential. Yours. Mine. Ours.

I embrace life’s complexities, our diversity, our challenges (including past trauma and current anxieties) and I peer out through my rose-colored glasses from this whole and powerful perspective into the power of the future and our next steps..

I am a strategy, relationship, and action-oriented personality type. My personal interests include investigating anything new and inspiring and finding more ways to deep dive into relaxing and refreshing myself. My youtube history will show you a mix of new artists, cooking demonstrations, craftspeople excelling in their art, and a Ted Talk for good measure. I balance working hard with playing hard with an awesome spouse and three pretty great children and a variety of pets and plants. Biking, running, and friends are my go-to’s but cooking a nice meal and then sinking into the couch with the remote in my control hold a special place in my heart.

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I provide the following services:

  • Coaching for Individuals
  • Coaching and Consulting for Organizations and their teams
  • Personality Assessment Review and Strategy Sessions
  • Group Facilitation and Trainings