What is Coaching?

Coaching is a space created to hold your questions, explore your answers, and live into your potential.

Therapy is a space to process and recover from history and trauma. If you are feeling stuck in depression or a deep-seated conflict within yourself or with others, a licensed therapist might be more appropriate for you.

Coaching is a place to take the lessons we’ve learned and the patterns we have dealt with and move forward into our potential and focus on putting our ideas into practice.

Coaching is a space to talk about yourself without any guilt, with total confidence, and make your moves with support.

We can meet as many times a week as you want, as often as you want, and talk about any issue that you want. I have no set agenda or timing structure. I do not believe that me telling you what would help you would help you.

I believe that people with ADHD can only succeed when they are allowed to direct their attention to the idea that is currently on their minds. I believe you telling me what you want is the only help you need. And I can help you answer that question if that is where you are starting as well.

What is it that is sparking your attention today? Is it a conflict? A desire? A pattern that needs redesigning? That – that focus – is the ideal choice for coaching.

My job is to hold the space for you to talk about yourself in a way that feels like ad nauseam with no nauseam! Only lots of affirmation and support. I want to hear everything!

I support you by helping you untangle and unfurl your issues, motivations, guiding principles, and your personal preferences and plans for how to move forward. The only plan that will work is the one that catches your attention and is born from your own investment in its creation and success.

I ask you questions. What does that word mean to you? When you say “should” here, should according to who? What value does this goal have? What is the bigger picture? How does this connect? And so on.

As a coach and consultant, I give you ideas to consider and adopt or reject, reform and revise, or as a springboard to realizing what does work for you. If you want ideas – ask! If you want to just follow your process, your process we follow!

Coaching believes that every person has the power and potential and knowledge within them to move forward with success in their life. As a person with ADHD, I know that my clients with ADHD definitely have the power and even magic to get done what they want to get done, as long as they can clear away the barriers and identify their goal.

My beliefs about ADHD:

  1. It’s a blessing and a curse. It makes us awesome but gives us questions and challenges that others do not experience.
  2. The gifts of ADHD can far outweigh the negatives.
  3. Once you are allowed to focus you will be unstoppable.
  4. Developing a method for the madness is the means to all ends.
  5. There are many practices – both physical and using mindfulness – to succeed with ADHD without medicine.
  6. The baseline support of consistent, supportive medication is of paramount importance if possible.
  7. The goal of coaching or any treatment is to be the best neurodiverse person you can be – not to appear neurotypical. ADHD is the way to be! Just in a thoughtful and managed way.

Our Mission

Therapy is about processing and healing the past and present, where mental health is at issue and needs a trained professional. I highly value therapy for processing the emotional wounds that need treatment. I will refer out any client or issue that calls for that.

By contrast, coaching is about embracing the present and using positive psychology to plot a practical course forward. I meet you where you are at, with whatever issue you are considering, and help you hear yourself and discover your preference and plan for going forward.

A person might want a coach and a therapist – A therapist to process and heal and a coach to plan and support.

Beware the shock jocks and secret keepers!

Coaches aren’t trainers and they aren’t experts in your life. Shock Jock TV life coaches or people selling you the latest “Top Secrets of Success” could be fun to watch but do not embody the values of the International Coaching Federation – the body that sets the standards for our profession. You don’t need a secret one-size-fits-all tool or trick – Truth be told they don’t fit many people at all. You just need to hear yourself think and have the space to clear that noise.

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